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GIGAGEEK PC Solutions was founded  in 2015 , a complete IT company with experience in: Technology Repairs, Installations, Point of Sales of hardware (Laptops, Printers, etc) and Software (Windows, Microsoft, etc) Marketing, Programming, Web design and Web hosting services, Portfolio Designs and Advertising products (Car Vinyl, Flyers, business cards, Posters, Magnets, Water Bottle Label, wall canvas).Complete Digital Planning and Digital Marketing


By offering our services, we aim to provide comprehensive digital solutions that empower our clients businesses to succeed in the digital world, from creating a compelling brand identity to reaching and engaging clients target audience through effective digital marketing strategies,  we are committed in assisting our clients businesses thrive in the digital landscape 


To EMPOWER businesses and individuals by leveraging SIMPLE & FAIR INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to foster Holistic Digital TRANSFORMATION


The principle & standards that guide the behavior & decisions of GIGAGEEK PC SOLUTIONS are : integrity, fairness, leadership, honesty & accountability

Honoring these values is foundational in strengthening business relationships with our customers and ensuring work is done timeously, ethically and professionally


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